US2Mex™ Chemical Hub

Your One-Stop-Shop Border Facility

If you’re purchasing chemicals from one location, shipping to another for blending, then sending the product to a third facility before finally distributing to Mexico, you’re using up more time and resources than necessary, adding to increased costs and risks that can jeopardize day-to-day efficiency.

Reap the benefits of our border chemical warehouse

Save time

Our Harlingen facility is 30 miles from Reynosa and Matamoros, Mexico, offering the closest overland path to the major industrial centers of Monterey and Mexico City. With our fast and flexible service, you avoid inefficient and costly storage at public warehouses. Our strategic location reduces long border-crossing lines found at other, more congested border cities. Mexican carriers can pick up directly from our local warehouses and deliver to your Mexican customers faster. 

Reduce risk

Storing your chemicals at our hub reduces your risk of receiving a regulatory audit. Unlike most public warehouses on the border, we have decades of expertise in handling hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Stored with us, your products’ safety, compliance, and chain of custody are ensured.

Ship to Mexico more efficiently

When shipping your products to Mexico, our US2MEX Hub gives you 3 options to increase your efficiency:

All-in-One Solution

You can purchase raw materials directly from the Hub, eliminating the need to ship them to a custom blender. We'll blend them onsite and ensure delivery to the final destination.

Blending, Storage, and Delivery

Send your existing raw materials through our Hub for custom blending, avoiding unnecessary freight charges and trips to blenders far from the border.

Storage and Delivery Only

You can ship your finished products to our hub for warehousing and delivery through a less-congested point of entry to Mexico.

A large stack of chemical containers ready to be delivered

With our strategic location and 70+ years of custom blending experience, you can trust your products’ precision and accuracy.

Learn more about the hidden risks and costs of shipping to Mexico.

Getting your chemicals across the border can be costly and introduce risk to your logistics and manufacturing operations. In our ebook Shipping Chemicals to Mexico: The Hidden Risks and Costs, we discuss how to save money, reduce risk, and better serve your customers.

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